lots of squares

So I’ve been attending Declan Long’s lectures on monday mornings. We’ve been discussing exhibition space, content and modes of gallery display.  So I was thinking on monday about digital extremes of delivering art. On the way home I saw that advertising companies are taking advantage of the QRreader system……and I asked myself why not a digital artist?

So I created some images as a test and printed corresponding QR codes that link QR readers to the image. I mounted these QR codes and then began to place them in different public spaces and potential modes of galleries.

Firstly, in public domain, in more of a street art context…….

and then I was thinking more white wall gallery spaces…….

…..but sadly none were open when I was walking through the city

so I put myself up beside paintings on sale in a Cafe…..

so next steps………….to convince someone to give me white wall gallery space to exhibit 6 – 8 QR codes……making sure there is WiFi in the room. It interests me as it transfers the QR code as part of the delivery system to the art itself.