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We’re hiring Storyboard artists

By March 9, 2015 News

Giant Animation is looking for talented storyboard artists to work on an action based preschool TV show. The storyboard artist will not only function as a conventional storyboard artist but additionally will contribute collaboratively to sequence development with the director(s).


  • Receive written and verbal descriptions of a sequence from the Director.
  • Draw storyboards that depict the action, camera placement, and acting of the characters in that sequence.
  • Hone, refine, delete, or create dialog where needed.
  • Present the storyboards to the director and other members of the story team.
  • Once approved, pass storyboards on to the team.
  • Create new drawings to fix and change sequences throughout the production process.
  • Create and pitch alternate story solutions to the director.


  • Able to create options to story ideas
  • Composition and presentation skills
  • Able to present work in a clear and entertaining way
  • Entertaining acting ideas
  • Strong layout and design skills
  • Strong, communicative draftsmanship
  • Able to work quickly, when necessary
  • Able to work collaboratively, create and then change gears
  • Basic knowledge of film is required, including language, acting, and craft
  • Basic Photoshop experience recommended, but not required
  • A degree or equivalent in Computer Graphics, Animation, Film-making, or other related course


  • Knowledge and experience using editing software
  • Previous experience as a storyboard artist in the game or movie industries

Submission / Portfolio requirements

  • Resume
  • Portfolio, and / or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills
  • Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog or online album)


Send your applications to ‘storyboards@giant.ie’ and good luck with your application!





  • Joanna Hayden says:

    Joanna Hayden
    DUBLIN 15,

    TEL: 087-0698657/ 01-8203764

    Hi, my name is Joanna Hayden.
    In the 1990’s I qualified with a Diploma in Classical Animation from the European College of Animation, Ballyfermot and have since worked as a 2D Animator/storyboard artist for live action T.V. as well as a storyboard artist in various studios at home and abroad (Brown Bag Studios, Disney Paris, Bardell Studios, Canada, to name a few.)
    With Walt Disney Paris, I was an FX Assistant for almost one year. It was a mind blowing introduction to animation which has given me a real love for this work. There then there was Brown Bag Studios as a 2D Animator/storyboard artist which is a fun and hectic Studios to work for, something like I imagine Warner Brothers Studios was like of the 1930s!!
    I like to work on a project from start to finish and take a real interest in the ideas and concepts at the beginning of a project. But my real love is the actual process storyboard there is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a scene I am working on come to life. Also, it’s the people I’ve worked with who have make it so much fun to be involved with the films, TV series’ I’ve worked on. I really enjoy working a part of a team.
    I have experience of various computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects and some 3D Light Wave. I have also worked freelance as a storyboard artist for live action T.V.
    This is my Blog http://heyjoeanimation.blogspot.ie/
    If you feel that you could benefit from my skills and experience, please refer to the C.V attached or contact me by email or phone.
    I hope to hear from you in the near future.

    Yours sincerely,

    Joanna Hayden.


    Position: FX Assistant, working with key animation I would do the inbetwen of the key art work animation the rim light which is the light that hits the character + puddle shadows – Goofy Movie

    1995-1998 BROWN BAG FILMS, Dublin, Ireland.
    Position: 2D Animator / Assistant animator / Clean up / Storyboard For the following shows; Wolves, Witches & Giants as Assistant animator/Clean up would put key put animation on model inbetween them then clean up with ink pen , Pilot-Aesop’s Fables,TV Special-Cinderella I was a animator for this key post and breack down of the scenes.,CD ROM-Robin Hood TV series-Annie’s Story

    1999 –BARDEL 2D ANIMATION LTD. (DREAMWORKS), Vancouver, Canada.
    Position: 2D Animator was keying out pose’s of characters this was in pencle and if there was a lot of movement in a scene I would do all the animation/FX Animator this would run from smoke fire water or rings, dimounds/ rope falling of a sailing ships. I would do key’s and sometimes the inbeetwens on ‘Joseph’ Film (This was the sequel to ‘The Prince of Egypt’)

    2000-2001 TCC TOONS FILMS- Cologne, Germany.
    Position: 2D Animation F.X. Posing & Model sheets clean up. This is taking a rough drawing & putting it on model then cleaning it up. Time sheets (slugging) is working out the timing of animation for a scene eg. if the character move’s & how long it take’s to do action in that scene. This was for a TV show ‘Momo’

    2003-2010 KAVALEER Produtions Dublin, Ireland.
    Freelance 2D Animator on award winning film-One of the FILM’s is HASAN EVERYWHERE (2010) I was a 2D animater and FX animater. there is a scene in the Film with a women swimming, I did all the animation in that sceen. from the water FX to her and all the inbetwen as well.

    2003-2014 FREELANCE 2D ANIMATOR/STORYBOARD ARTIST/Point of Sales Graphics for various companies
    On Home ground (RTE) Storyboarding was a sit down with the Director and working out camera eg: camera move’s,cut’s, two shot’s, tracking shot’s, moving track in . Then putting it down on paper with camera and final Director descriptions & notes for the Film.
    Spin the Bottle Storyboard
    New TV(Straydog Productions) Storyboard
    The Book of Ebba(Sinead Walsh Creatives) Storyboard and 2D Animation
    In- shop animated graphics – (PC World) , 2D Animation use text, photos, using Adobe After Effects.
    THE BLOW-INS / film openIng titles , 2D Animation in Macromedie flash/Adobe After Effects it was a 2D Animator/Assistant animator/Clean up it was two small scenes & one Logo for
    (CJ Scuffins, Writer-Director )


    2000-2001 FAS Course in Graphics using Adobe Illustrator & PhotoShop
    3D Light wave, Quark XPress (City & Guilds) Flash, After Effects

    1988 -1995 European College of Classical Animation, Ballyfermot, Dublin
    Certificate in Classical 2D Animation
    Diploma in Computer 3D Animation

    1987- 1988: National College of Art & Design- Introduction to Graphic Design (Night course)

    References available on request

    • Hey Joanna,

      I’m not actually looking at the applications for boarding, please throw your C.V. and work to ‘storyboards@giant.ie’ so that the Director(s) and management can shortlist you and put you through the application process.

      All the best! (^_^)


  • Milos Dolak says:

    Hi Im storyboard artist from Slovakia EU based In Bratislava.
    My work touches artowrk for young filmHi Im storyboard artist from Slovakia EU based In Bratislava.
    My work touches artowrk for filmmakers group called SpyGER ARTS http://www.spygerarts.sk
    Were young team which devotes to commercials and small film projects were also
    preparing to make some bigger movie projects.

    My porftolio is on www milosdolak.com

    Im eager to do quick effective work that baiscally defines the important features
    of the narrative. And I also fancy drawing and linework as such.
    I am good with keepig up deadlines. And have passion for team work.

    I also prepare more detailed artwork for movies so you can check that as well.

    permanent link:


    kind regards

    Miloš Dolák

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