Hey! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading!

I’m Daniel Spencer, Digital Artist and Illustrator. Currently I’m Managing Director at Giant Animation and I contribute extensively to the animation and games communities. For more on my professional life, see my Linkedin profile.

I’ve been blogging since 2008, mainly posting my own doodles as I worked in various roles within the animation and games industries in Ireland. Milk & XYZ is a fresh take on my usual freestyle doodles and blogging. It is an outlet for me to focus on my personal projects and hone both my opinions and my art. Unlike my previous blog incarnations, here you can see my latest artworks, doodles and process work, as well as industry news and analysis, all under one roof.

I am a keen contributor and enthusiast of digital art in the realms of fine art, animation and games.

I hope you find something here to enjoy!

So, what next? Check out my artwork here or the latest news here. Or you can follow me on twitter @dannypegbar