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Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer catch up with Daniel Spencer (no relation) as he relocates his blog to


“Daniel has been blogging since 2008, mainly posting his own doodles as he worked in various roles within the animation and games industries in Ireland. Milk & XYZ is a fresh take on his usual freestyle doodles and blogging. It is an outlet for him to focus on his personal projects and hone both his opinions and art. Unlike his previous blog incarnations, here you can see his latest artworks, doodles and process work, as well as industry news and analysis, all under one roof. We wish him all the best.”

Kirstie & Phil


Pegbar and Science Gallery crew up to have an awesome Friday

Pegbar is under some new awesome management … Maureen Walshe, Adam Kavanagh and Stefanie Reville.

They’re teaming up the Science Gallery to put on a fun filled Friday afternoon. Here is their blurb:


Pegbar are very excited to announce that we will be hosting an Arts and Crafts mixer at Science Gallery Dublin on Friday, February 20th.

Join us for an evening of crafty fun upstairs in the Deloitte Gallery!

Our main activity will be the Exquisite Corpse game where guests will collaborate by drawing a body part on a sheet of paper, folding the paper to conceal their contribution, and passing it on to someone else who will add to it. All of the wonderfully weird creations will be put on display at the end of the night! We will provide art materials but guests are welcome to bring along their own if they wish.

Professionals and students are welcome to participate.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends and make some new ones too!

We will provide complimentary drinks at the event and guests are welcome to join us for a chat at the Lombard pub afterwards.

Admission is free however spaces are limited so it is essential that you pre-book your ticket to avoid disappointment.

Hope to see you there!

Even if you haven’t booked your tickets pop over to the Lombard and catch up with animation heads and have some craic! See you crazy heads there!


Announcement – Exhibition April 2015

There’s no backing out now! The space is booked and the deposit is down for an exhibition at The MART from Mon 13th to Fri 19th of April 2015 (http://www.mart.ie/gallery). Several animation and illustration artists will share the space, exhibiting their own work.

Aside from myself, the other artists signed up for the exhibition so far are:

Paddy Semple – http://patricksemple.tumblr.com/

Gavin Fullerton – http://gavinfullerton.tumblr.com/

Fiona Meade – https://www.behance.net/fionameade


Now it’s time to start working, there’s a lot of blank canvas to fill!


Creative Christmas

Tomorrow evening, come and join the multiple crews that support creatives within the Irish Animation Industry for a festive chin wag and catch up.

We’ll be in ‘The Odeon’, on Harcourt St from 6pm onwards. Pegbar will also be announcing some big news as well as festive cheer!


Crafty Christmas

Apart from Giant I’ve been on a creative festive craft spree. Its been awesome having some time in the evenings to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas has been tough since Mam has passed away but this year I wanted to make a real effort for her. So here are some of the early spoils of the season, a season that involves a lot of snowflakes apparently.

Paper snowflake decorations for the house.


Hand painted Christmas cards for Mam’s brothers & sisters. Mam had a massive range of Doc Martens and was widely known for wearing them regularly so I painted one set of her Docs and added a quote from a recording I took of her when she was going through treatment. The cards are a little more festive on the inside with a personal message to each family.


Woodburned coasters of the geometry animals I’ve been drawing recently. A work in progress but hopefully a presentable gift before Christmas arrives.


A Christmas Day of the Dead skull mug for a gift. Mug bought in TK Maxx, then coloured with sharpies and oven baked. (http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/21-tips-for-diy-sharpie-marker-mugs). The Christmas hat was stolen from elsewhere.


Christmas Mead – Compliments of Ray and Annette Sweeney, which Sharon and myself will be bottling and handing out over the period. Thank you Ray and Annette!!


Digital painting with a classical frame. By classical, I mean Dealz fancy mouldings for €1.49.


Lastly for today, more snowflakes! This time giant lollipop stick snowflakes. Working beside a Mr. Price store definitely has its benefits like cheap decent acrylic paint and bags of lollipop sticks.