a bit of colour on this girl

I thought I could grab a few more hours on this but time was short and I didn’t expect to be so busy.

But I am glad that I’m busy. Working on a few logo designs, back lecturing at DCU soon enough, so I’m putting together a new set of powerpoints and making leaps and bounds with a new story telling project, cant wait to start showcasing it.

progress on 50s pin up girl

So a bunch of heads and I have set ourselves a challenge for our blogs…..the challenge this month is illustrating some Pin Up girls from the 50s

Here is my work in progress (its due by the end of the month) ….

and the inspiration behind this pic…………

an old home and lost pets

So this week, I’m back at Magner’s Photolab in Killester, for a half a week to do their design bits and bobs. Killester is a an odd village to say the least and we have quite a history going back.  I did an Art and Drama Course in Killester College, Magner’s Photolab was my Part Time job throughout college, and I rented for a bit in Donnycarney…….and now I am back for half a week. So I decided to have some fun with the locals……

hello wordpress!

Recently, I’ve been finding that I waste a lot of time juggling social networking sites, blogs, micro blogging, my own website, and portfolio stuff, when I should be optimizing my time by being as creative as possible. So I’ve made the big jump to wordpress! It means I can blog on the iphone wordpress app or my computer any time, any where, with minimal effort and maximum result!

But obviously wordpress and myself had to wine and dine first…….get to know each other……….we originally met at http://pegbar.ie …..introduced by Niall Gillespie http://niallgillespie.com/

And now I shall digitally toast to our new relationship together…….. may the relationship be long, inspiring and creative! :)