Star Trek III – The Search for Spock

Busy busy on the fore front of yadda yadda yadda…..

So this month has been mad busy……

Still doing bits and pieces for Brent Pope….Ben and myself came up with a promo for his project, so its Niki and myself on Animation, Ben on character design & backgrounds and Anna on backgrounds & colour. The deadline is next Friday so I hope to show it off then. The promo is around a minute long so the project has been tough enough, especially with other professional aspects butting their head in the way. Nonetheless it’ll get done.

Pegbar has loads of exciting news posted up……check out or

I’ve been invited to be on the moderator board of ‘Pivot Dublin’ a bid to make Dublin a Design Capital of the World by 2014. The press launch is on Tuesday the 28h so I’ll keep everyone informed. It looks ambitious and exciting so….thumbs up!

I’ve been Part Time Job hunting to suit my current situation with hours. Found a couple of awesome jobs, started work on one too! Well two, but had to give one up. I got a job in Ballyfermot College but could not commit to one of the days that they said was mandatory, so as quick as I was in front of a class, I was back on the hunt.

Another deadline on Friday is this month’s image for the blogging group I’ve joined. This month is my theme as well! so cant not do it! The theme I picked was ‘Lost in Space’

Here’s a quick ideas gen I did in flash today……..

I dont think I’m gonna settle on it, but I did find it funny :P