Happy Christmas!!

Who says you cant watch Horror films over Christmas???

I hope everyone had a good one in anyways.

This post is an illustration for the collective blog. check out the others at – http://collectivethinkingblog.blogspot.com/

Its based on the ‘Dr Cyclops’ poster:

I received a book of Sci Fi Film Posters so it was inevitable I did this months post in that pulp horror style of illustration.

Only problem being, my usual colouring application has corrupted……so I used Photoshop ‘elements’…… its cool……just awkward and limited but I’m sure with a couple of goes it could be awesome.

New Home for 2011

Yes thats right……..I’ve a new home, with four other delinquents…….

Ben Hennessy

Niki Kehoe

Niall Gillespie

and Anna O’Sullivan

We’ve won the ‘Blackrock Animation Festival Competition’, taking the amazing prize of a years free rent in the Media Cube.

This opens up a whole load of new opportunities for us as individual freelance artists, as well as working collectively on new exciting projects.

It will also give ‘Pegbar’ a stable home to organize new and exciting projects.

Roll on 2011 !!

For more info on the Media Cube, check out – http://www.mediacube.ie/

the night a video nearly killed me

Here is a video that destroyed me on Monday night, and Tuesday morning………


I was exploring psychogeography stuffs again, and wanted to throw this into a progress presentation I was doing for the MA, but sadly the video footage I shot got digitally corrupted and messed up everything it touched…….so there I was rendering and fixing things from late Monday night all the way through the presentation on Tuesday morning.

It didn’t disrupt the presentation much as I had an abundance of work to show, but would’ve been nice if the video didn’t have me fixing everything last minute and on the go.

For anyone wondering, here is a wiki of psychogeography- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychogeography

In the end I had a magnificent sleep last night