Animated Surprises

Animated Surprises left to be found around Dublin.

Animation, and presentation was done within 10hours between mon & tues for Tues deadline. So animation and masking is slightly sloppy but you get the idea. I hope to clean up the idea soon enough.

This project was done as a ADW ‘Media and Public Workshop’

To see the animated surprises you have to use a QR Reader……ref my earlier post – of different ways I was thinking about using the QR Readers

the count

nope not this guy…..

but Toon Bros I.P. Limited’s Count Pollen:

Created asap for consideration. It was a fun project but I didn’t get much sleep over the past two weeks. So the history behind Count Pollen and myself is as follows, 2 years ago, myself and @Bennessy drew up character designs for Toon Bros story ‘Count Pollen’. A few weeks ago, Toon Bros approached us, deciding it was time to get Count Pollen out to the masses. I reedited the character designs a little bit from the original character designs and put together a team to create a 90sec trailer for Toon Bros. So a big thanks to the team Alan, Anna, Leo & Nichola for helping out with the enormous work load.

Credits as Follows:

Production Manager

Daniel Spencer


Daniel Spencer


Alan Carruthers

Leo Crowley

Nichola Hyland


Anna O’Sullivan

Graphic Design

Paul Woods

Audio Production

Tryout Audio

lowering tones

I had to lower the tones over at

Apart from that, I’ve been busy working on an animated trailer, which I should have up next week. And after a month of messing around, we finally…..100%…… truly…….and most excitingly…… move into the Media Cube this weekend. So time for some awesome indie projects and developments

by the way – Wooooo! YAY!! Woooo!!