Plants Taking Over







So I’ve been messing around with creating flash games this month so I hooked the research and monthly post up together. Its limited and from tutorials by It was a fun learning curve.

Exploding Graphics and UI are from Kongregate as well, I was just running out of editing time for the month’s post. I hope to continue to edit and make new small flash games out of kongregate’s awesome tutorials and forums.

Flip N’ Roll Launch

Flip N’ Roll is live …….. ^_^

Flip N’ Roll is an Animation/Multimedia Co-Op. Flip N’ Roll’s members are Niall Gillespie, Ben Hennessy, Nichola KehoeAnna O’Sullivan & myself. Each member holds their own reputable history and client base. As a collective we intend to broaden our abilities by using one another’s specialties on bigger and more challenging projects. Flip N’ Roll offer a number of services including Character Design, Storyboards, Graphic Design, Animation, Motion Graphics and Flash Development.

Flip N’ Roll studios is located at:

Flip N’ Roll on Facebook

And in person – 201 Media Cube, Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland.

Casino madness

A tribute image based on the game I’m currently working on in CellPlay Networks.

I’m also in sorrow as my Intuos 4 broke and is currently over in the Wacom hospital….here is goes on its journey