Birds & Sickness

So I’ve been sick and dosed up to the nines with drugs. Feeling bit better today so I’ve been relaxing and sketching nothing in particular all day. Just filling up the sketchbook. But here are a few sketches for the collective blog. A line and two colour concepts. The theme this month is birds birds birds.

Going to scan the line one in and try some different techniques with flash & photoshop


Inspired by Recyclism and seeing that GLI.TC/H is looking to grow to multiple cities, I decided to explore the insides of jpgs.

I picked a number of propaganda posters from the net, and using a Hex Editor, I played around with a the numbers inside. I then tidied them up in photoshop to make them printable.

I printed out multiple miniatures to leave around Dublin, and with the left overs I put them together on a canvas.


Here are the images close up: