Compu~B and Me!

So I handed in my mac drive to compu B late last week and got it back on Friday. However, I didn’t know I was going to have to embark on a virtual expedition in order to retrieve lost memory, locked files and lost licenses. Have only restored it to its full glory very late last night.

Pegbar is back in force

After a long 6 months for everyone involved in Pegbar, we’re back in full operation. We have also taken on a few super motivated folk in order to inject new ideas and life into Pegbar with expanding our operations in mind.
In the next coming months stay tuned to for new events, new blog posts, new initiatives, new everything……..

Annecy 2012

Trust me………when several thousand animators occupy one city, you know there is going to be fun had!

Just home from Annecy, it was a last minute decision to go, but well worth it with the amount of contacts clocked up over there.  Because we were in competition and the spot light was on Irish Animation for the entire week, there were a lot of opportunities to throw our name around and network beyond belief. Hanging out with the Irish community was a great support in getting contacts as well.

As I was busy over the past 6 months, I took a sneaky extra day after the festival to chill out in the sun, read some books and enjoy some of the cafes. Judge not! Woop Woop!

Annecy is a beautiful city and I can not wait to return.


On Show

I have a broadcast piece operating from upstairs in Steambox, the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art’s research centre. It is apart of the MFA-ADW Showcase.

I invite you to interact with the piece and have your open stories recorded, automatically logged into the mix of stories through Pure Data and broadcast from the broadcast box. The exhibit ends this Sunday.

6 Months and I feel I can breath again

After an excruciating 6 months, all is done and dusted. Life and the universe have been realigned and I’m getting sleep once more.

Succeeding the wonderful launch of Giant Creative in January, life just became immensely busy. The Masters in Art in the Digital World became seriously challenging towards the end, but in return, I got my Masters. A two episode boarding gig with Jam Media slowly turned into an amazing experience of finishing the series of boards. Pegbar basic maintenance has been happening. Whilst Giant has being growing from strength to strength, not only talent wise but business wise as well. All these elements meant that social hours to have fun, learn and experiment were few and far between.

Due to this blog being baron for several months, as well as changing the functionality of what I want to broadcast, I’ve scrapped everything. The new site will be broken up into two sections. Section (a) all my non commercial sketches, experiments and art work from this date onwards and section (b) the blog, documenting my adventures, research and various events. This means the site will be acting as a rolling blog with ideas and not an active portfolio. Bam!

I hope you enjoy