6 Months and I feel I can breath again

After an excruciating 6 months, all is done and dusted. Life and the universe have been realigned and I’m getting sleep once more.

Succeeding the wonderful launch of Giant Creative in January, life just became immensely busy. The Masters in Art in the Digital World became seriously challenging towards the end, but in return, I got my Masters. A two episode boarding gig with Jam Media slowly turned into an amazing experience of finishing the series of boards. Pegbar basic maintenance has been happening. Whilst Giant has being growing from strength to strength, not only talent wise but business wise as well. All these elements meant that social hours to have fun, learn and experiment were few and far between.

Due to this blog being baron for several months, as well as changing the functionality of what I want to broadcast, I’ve scrapped everything. The new site will be broken up into two sections. Section (a) all my non commercial sketches, experiments and art work from this date onwards and section (b) the blog, documenting my adventures, research and various events. This means the site will be acting as a rolling blog with ideas and not an active portfolio. Bam!

I hope you enjoy