Digital Footprint

Its been one of those Sunday mornings where I’ve nothing better to do but spy on myself and see what I can find in the deepest darkest reaches of the internet.

The earliest internet footprint I could find on myself was from 2005……..

As a budding artist in Dublin, I was involved in a number of social scenes, meeting some really interesting, fun, like minded people. Spontaneity and innovation were the main components of day to day life. By budding artist, I also mean broke……As a broke artist in Dublin, I had to be spontaneous and innovative.

There are some really reasonable galleries around at the moment that are really supporting the art communities, however, in 2003/2004 my experiences with them were ruthless in letting young/green talent exhibit either individually or in group shows. We’d either be given a horribly high priced rent or the gallery would take 60% 65% of the money, if we sold a piece. I know the galleries had to look after themselves due to the high risk factor that were attached to our group at the time, but we had dilemmas of our own. Our work was only in the experimental stages, and to be honest, not that good. We would come out with a cracker every now and then but anything in between was just us finding our feet.

So ‘Zero Capital’ was created, we’d book the cheapest/free venues around the city centre and we’d set up evening arts shows, put on gigs and sometimes combine the two. We also made a website, allowing people who showed work at the events to publish their work online in order to get commissioned by a wider audience. Zero Capital ran from 2003 – 2006, to which it allowed us to find new audiences to show our work to, enabled the artist to take 100% of the sale if they contributed to the events/project and meet and learn from some more experienced artists around the city.

It was no revolutionary event, but it was what we needed, when we needed it.

A good talk on the subject:

A triumphant return to football

So after many years of sex, drugs, rock n’roll, college, flip n’roll, and crafting my life in the Irish animation industry, I feel I’ve absolutely wrecked my body with toxins, fatty foods and no self respect.

I’ve tried a number of ways to keep my fitness up to a certain level but to no avail. Mainly because most exercise isn’t fun nor challenging and to be frank (who ever frank is), quite boring.

So after 13 years of football retirement, I’ve returned! With a bang! So much of a bang, I destroyed my left knee and am on a crutch/cane. Luckily enough the swelling has gone down immensely and I can nearly walk properly again after 2 days. I should be recovered by the weekend and up for more footie next Wednesday.

Although, here is the issue…..

Most of my mates, instead of giving me sympathy, just commented:

‘Ah Dan, you’re cool, but you’re not that cool’

Like I was wearing the cane as a day to day accessory……..why would anyone be sporting a cane in this day and age if they weren’t injured nor a pimp????!!!!

Which begs the question, what type of impression do I leave on people???


Children’s Media Conference

Just back from the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield. Met some great folk, saw some super talks and took in an abundance of knowledge.

Now to just put it all in good practice.

Grace Draws Me

So a friend of mine started up a blog, to which she interprets and draws random people’s requests. I loved the cut of the idea as well as the audacity of putting yourself in such an intense spotlight……. I personally would never record myself drawing, let alone record myself drawing for other people’s requests and posting it up on multiple social networks.

I think everyone should go onto her blog and request a picture and let this blog explode into pure awesome!

So here is her response post from my request:

Request: hey grace, could you draw me, destroying several robotic sharks in one pic so I can one up Roy Scheider. by Daniel Spencer

Roy Scheider is the guy from Jaws. Dan is a crazy b*stard from Ireland… so in many ways Dan has already one up-ed Roy Scheider. But in terms of dramatizations of shark murdering, I think Daniel now has the upper hand in that category too.

Side note; it wasn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination to draw Dan with that face with his hands in that position. If you think about it, the whole image could be viewed symbolically. What do sharks mean to you Dan? Are they reminiscent of your mother?

She has also drawn ‘Spider Man’ for Ben Hennessy and Wes Doherty fight in a dress for Chris Keogan. Well worth the laugh.

Sunday Mornings

[vimeo video_id=”45014393″ width=”785″ height=”422″ title=”Yes” byline=”Yes” portrait=”Yes” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]


You know when you wake up on a Sunday morning and you just have that urge to fix a broken laptop screen just enough to play an already corrupted video file of your Ma’s CT scans just to see what it looks like.

Well I had one of those moments.

With the results, I’d happily sign up for effects to any continuation of ‘the House of a 1000 Corpses’ films