Dart Sketches

Just a couple of sketches done on the iPad. I used the App ‘Procreate’. They were nothing more than doodling in transport. I commute heavily throughout the week, a minimum of 3 hours a day. So sanity is kept by doodling, writing, planning, and playing football manager/chess.

The great thing about the sketching on the iPad is that you can start on a mid tone and work easily on highlights as well as dark tones. I always had a problem with producing work in a sketch pad consisting of white paper. It meant I had work backwards from the highlights. If I was working from a mid tone sketch pad, all of a sudden it became an effort to carry around the tools needed To produce work on it. I never really found a happy medium for doodling in transport until now.

Procreate is a great app and since posting this I’ve been told to try ArtStudio



Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

Its hard to believe that Mam has been gone for over a month now. Pretty insane and surreal all round. She was an amazing woman who influenced so many people within her life time which I believe we are all standing side by side on her shoulders trying to develop from what she thought us. I certainly wouldn’t be doing what I do without all her support and encouragement in my life.

I say she’s gone, but she really isn’t. It’s a weird one to explain and I’m not even going to start ploughing into the depths of my mind to try and explain it.

It was also amazing to receive all the support and well wishes from practically everyone around. Life could’ve gotten so much harder without everyone.










In other news…..I graduated from my Masters…..cleaning up and knocking on a 3 piece suit. This getting educated is disgraceful carry on, but also good to close another chapter of my life. It was quite the tough time studying, working Giant & Pegbar, on top of everything that was going on with Mam. I crashed several times and luckily from the support I previously talked about, I wouldn’t have got through it all.