Quick sketch from the other night. I’ve been re-reading some Elmore Leonard short western stories and did this last night on route home from Giant.


Ok, so I’ve been ranting about procreate and its convenience for me recently. They’ve updated the app to allow various canvas sizes and users arent restricted to1408 x 1920? This was my first test of the new update. i did this image on a 4096x1714px canvas. Fun to think more cinematic when drawing, however, with additional features there were additional restrictions. Mainly with the larger the canvas, you are restricted to less layers. A compromise to which I didn’t know about before starting the image. This image was restricted to 4 layers only, so there was a lot of bouncing layers down and little I could do about it.


Above uses a plastic bullet filter on top of the illustration as a bit of an experiment

Abstract Expressionism

I watched ‘Pollock‘ the other night. Its a biopic on the life of Jackson Pollock. I personally love abstract expressionism, there is nothing like the experience of locking yourself away in a room and attacking a canvas with paint. Its artistic therapy for the soul, a combination of conscientious thinking and releasing pure energy to express your thoughts in movement and colour.

The following day I put myself to the test and made an abstract expressionistic digital painting on the procreate app. I used one layer and restricted myself from using the undo button. The results:

This experiment felt good, I got a good deal out of it, and enjoyed the end result. However there were distinct synthetic failures to the whole process that broke my train of thought whilst painting.


  • It cost me nothing in regards to paint.
  • ┬áThe experiment gave me a lot of satisfaction.


  • As much as I wanted to, I could not stab and scrape the iPad screen as I would with canvas and paint. (I found myself hitting the screen a little too hard at times)
  • The iPad is tiny compared to some of the canvases I’ve painted on in the past and doesn’t allow full body movements to effect the painting.
  • The tools to paint with were limited to their programing
  • The paint obviously could not bleed past its pre-programed state.

Overall: Well worth the experiment, but now keen on getting out a large canvas to go at.

I had been introduced to abstract expressionism in art college to which I loved the theory and the process to it. I practiced it a lot in my youth. I always appreciated Pollock’s work but I never truly understood it until I visited the galleries in New York and saw several Pollock’s in the flesh. ‘Awe’ can hardly describe what I experienced……I suppose looking back to describe the moment…… I can visualise my brain exploding in front of a canvas………hopefully leaving a homage to Pollock’s work.


Cabana cafe

Cabana is a new cafe that opened up beside the studio. Some lovely food in there and even though its slightly pricey, it’s well worth a treat if you have the money once a week.

Here is a quick sketch of a lady deciding on her lunch.

Firstly a quick squiggle to get the shape down


And then an additional 5 or so mins observing and throwing some detail on



Saturday night in front of the tele with Rob & Roisin. So just sketching away……..




















Here is another sketch from Friday. Was grabbing a coffee at DCU’s ‘the Helix’ and there was a bloke standing next to me whilst I was sitting. He was in deep thought, staring out the window and sipping coffee so I had a lot more time than I expected.