Leprechaun’s this Paddys Day – King Brian

Sketch done for the ‘Irish Sketch Soc‘ on facebook. It was created using a mix of ‘procreate’ and ‘inkpad’ on the iPad. The theme for the Sketch Soc was ‘Leprechauns for Paddy’s weekend’. Seen as everyone gets sloshed before 3pm on Paddy’s day…….this pic was inevitable.


For anyone who doesnt know, King Brian is the Leprechaun from ‘Darby O’Gill and the little people’. He loves an olde tipple and a dance, to which he gets very loose.


And for the iPad process………


Becoming Poets and Scholars

Sharon and myself have been brewing mead over the past couple of months. We got to bottle the batch last night. Our Mead was not crafted from the blood of Kvasir, so it cant offer people poet or scholar qualities but it tastes nice and I bet if you drink enough of it, it will make you think about philosophical matters