So a few weeks ago the Irish Sketch Soc put up the open theme of ‘cat’ and I started an animated gif of Catbug for it. I’ve been literally working around the clock on several projects between Giant & Pegbar so I never got the image finished……..this is as far as I got…….


However I got some time last night to keep going with what I started:


Its inspired by Catbug’s dimension jumps. A combo of 2d, 3d and glitch art.

If you dont know who Catbug is, check out the Bravest Warriors on youtube

And here is the best of catbug

Thanks to the Bravest Warrior folk for putting it up on their blog too –

Pegbar with Ron Diamond

The sunniest days of the year also included a Pegbar screening we put on in the Science Gallery. After the screening we retired back to the Gingermans for some cold beverages and a good chin wag with all.

The screening was Ron Diamond showcasing animated shorts of 2012, which included one of my favourites of 2012 – Una Furtiva Lagrima –

Ron Diamond is the founder and Executive Producer of Acme Filmworks, Inc. and co-founder and President of Animation World Network. He produced the Academy Award-nominated short film Nibbles (2003) and the animated feature film Drawn From Memory (1995). He was also the executive producer of “Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show.” Diamond has lectured at leading animation schools and has served as a juror and guest speaker at numerous film events.



2013-05-14 21.22.45

I did a talk for Crafthouse, a really awesome networking and educational event for Designers. Admittedly, designers to me are intimidating because design is so structured, but these guys were real cool and I got to chat with loads of people after the show.

My talk turned from sophisticated facts to me chin wagging and ranting about various off the ball topics, hopefully giving designers an interesting look into the world of animation.

If you’re into design and the progress of design………go to a crafthouse event. They’re well worth it!

Their site:


Thanks to all who participated in Pegbar’s first ‘Think Tank’ session. Also big thanks to everyone who showed afterwards to keep the party going. Grace Chan’s masterful ‘gong’  skills really made the night.