Giant are featured in the Sunday Independent today

Giant are featured in the Sunday Independent today.


The insider scoop behind that dapper shirt was that when I took the phone interview, the journalist arranged for a photographer to be at our studio first thing in the morning the next day. Due to this summer’s whopper heat, I had a tee & beach shorts on. I had also arranged that I was going out to dinner in Naas, and spending the night out there with Sharon. So I thought I would be able to buy a simple plain shirt out in Naas as shorts and a shirt would be acceptable attire.  After finishing work, I head to to Naas and find that all clothes shops were closed and any chance of a shirt was slim til none. Until I remembered they had a 24 Tesco on route to Sallins. This was my first time clothes shopping in Tesco’s, and am still freaked out by the idea of being able to clothes shop, whilst grocery shop at the same time. How in ever, my cynicism can shut up because I found this jazzy number amongst some crazy eclectic crap in stock and I had to get it.

Maybe following suit with John Lasseter’s school of thought on Hawaiian shirts, I could imitate it with Paisley print shirts…………. (I highly doubt it)