This week was a tough one. Several tasks which ended up in Paddy, Mark and myself doing silly and exhausting hours. Started this sketch in work whilst waiting for renders and then started colours tonight when I got home. But now its time to chill and watch Batman the Animated series


Its only a work in progress as I want to start putting a layout in foreground and background, another layer of paint fixes and a total lighting finish to the piece depending on the BG……..but………..I’m on HOLIDAY!!!!!! first one in 2 years!!!!! So hope to be sketching whilst relaxing throughout the next week and then when I get back I’ll give this a run over.

I was going through an old hard drive and found some photos, so I put them up on 500px – http://500px.com/dannyGiant There are some whopper photographers on 500px, and you can find great images for reference.