Cheese Winds are a blowing

So after the holidays, I came back to a busy Giant, Pegbar and I talked at Nom Con. Giant & Pegbar’s stories are all confidential obviously but maybe Nom Con will release vids and photos. Nom Con was an experience and a half. I’ve been to cons before and seen some awesome cosplay, but I’ve never been to a con with such a concentration on anime and anime cosplay. I saw some amazing costumes, I saw some absolutely diabolical vomit inducing costumes. Regardless, fun was had by all and we all had a good talk about pitching stories and animated shows.

So here is a quick sketch done tonight in order for me to play around with procreate’s new updates. Procreate decided to give away their brushes on their latest update to celebrate their continued success so I’ve been dying to play with it. This post doesn’t hold up to the amount of painting routes I could have gone down but I just needed to whop out something for a wee test. I look forward to doing a couple more experiments with the app and its new brushes. Loving some of the brushes that made the lines for the character and then the lighting brushes are phenomenal but I didn’t really get to demo that here.  Also I went between procreate and photoshop so I could clip mask the line into colour and bring in the text to procreate as a layer. Regardless of the limitations, procreate is becoming beyond awesome for an iPad app.

gabbsThe dialogue is from a comic I’ve been writing, the doodle is not related to the comic just yet………here I’m just playing with design.  The context is a bit more filthier than I usual publish……..hopefully there will be more filth to follow.