Coder Dojo

I was at Coder Dojo DCU giving an animation workshop on Animation in films and Animation in Games. Coder Dojo is a fantastic way for youth to learn about the different languages of code, what coding can achieve and it really gives them a head start into understanding how tech is changing our world.


RIP Jimmy Murakami


I  would like to express my condolences to family and friends of Jimmy Murakami. He was a legend in animation, an amazing artist and in Cathal Gaffney’s words this morning a ‘founding father of Irish Animation’

I first met Jimmy when I was still a young student in 2006, it was an inspiration to be in his presence, he chatted about storytelling and expressed his opinions on art and animation. It gave me a boost and focus on what I wanted to achieve and do in life. Two years later I was graduating to which myself and other colleagues started Pegbar in order to start talking to the animation community.   Pegbar allowed us to get into certain circles that recent graduates wouldn’t be privy to. Over the years we got to attend a lot of events and I had bumped into Jimmy multiple times. The more and more I talked to him the conversation started to change as we talked less about animation and more about analysing art and life. Last year in ‘Animation Dingle’ it was great to attend and see Jimmy receiving The Inaugural ‘Murakami’ Award for his lifetime achievement in Animation.

I’ve never worked with Jimmy nor do I claim to be personally close to him, but every time I had met him, he always made an impact on my thoughts and opinions. On hearing of Jimmy’s passing, it is with great sadness this morning that I have to post this.

Rest in Peace Jimmy Murakami

Tip the can, I see you……..

So I’ve been thinking about games a lot recently, specifically mobile games and I started to get out all my old research notes out. Back in 2010, I was introduced to Psycho-geography and Geocaching, so I started playing about with these ideas. Here is one of my first experiments I did in ADW.

There are loads of great Geocaching apps out at the moment and all very active and exciting –

Its definitely still a goal of mine to make a geocaching hide and seek app with some fun gaming aspects to it. But that’s all for future development followed by raising finance for it ;-)