Saturday in the IFI

Thanks to all that came to the Irish Film Institute and Animation Skillnet event “Adults Animation Vs Childrens Animation”. I got to have a great conversation on stage with several prominent industry figures. Below, from left to right, Terry Kenny of, Jason Tammemagi of, Fred Burdy of and Leanne Preston of .

It was a good discussion and we got through a lot within our time on stage. We had significant points made about animated entertainment from past to present, we had a number of predictions for the future, and some paramount points noted about creating for an audience. All in all a nice success as a panel.

photo 1

photo 2

Chairing a panel in the IFI this Saturday.

I will be chairing a panel for Animation Skillnet and the Irish Film Institute this Saturday. For the full blurb and booking details check out this link:

The theme given to the panel is “animation for adults vs animation for children”, so we’ll be discussing the different appreciations both young and grown up audiences have for animation and debating what an audience’s perception of value is when it comes to watching animation.

On the panel we have some great minds and I look forward to chatting to them all:

  • Jason Tammemagi – Jason is a children’s media professional specialising in enriching preschool content and creator of TV shows like Fluffy Gardens and Planet Cosmo.
  • Fred Burdy – Fred, originally from France, is a CG Artist, writer and director living in Ireland and working at Windmill Lane Studios. He wrote and directed the animated, IFB Frameworks funded, award-winning short film ‘Tríd An Stoirm’.
  • Leanne Preston – Leanne is the Company Director and Founder of Bright Box Creative. She has eight years’ experience in the Children’s Media markets, including working in development and production for six years at Nickelodeon in its international team.
  • Terry Kenny – Terry has worked as an animator in the videogame industry for over a decade on titles including Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


WIP Painting Progress

Been slowly chopping away at an idea on Procreate, just putting in bits and pieces of spare time on it. I posted one of the character sketches during the week – . I’m on a rough lighting pass at the moment and am looking forward to getting colour on it. I suppose rereading a lot of Irish Folklore as well as watching Game of Thrones is my first direct influence on starting an image like this. The second is taking some time out and going through the Art of Assassin’s Creed III book to give it a bit more of a study.  So below are the sketch ideas and rough guidelines. The rough beginning started out with crap sketch using a golden ratio line as a line of action, then I just started to add to it from there.  The intentions are to get a moon lit snowy forest scene painted up and I look forward to spending a bit of time on it.

This morning I’m on the look out for some new procreate brushes as well as testing the waters on creating my own brushes before I start painting. In the mean time, here is the progress:



Read of the Week! Gustavo Duarte’s Monsters!

I’m not going to be doing a weekly ‘read of the week’ but this book merited a shout out. Given to me by Ben Hennessy, it is Gustavo Duarte’s ‘Monsters! & Other Stories’. It is a silent comic, published by Dark horse, and is a lovely example of visual story telling. Apart from a single ‘co’ from a hen, the 3 stories are completely silent with no dialogue nor sound effects written in. Character and action take precedence, feeding the audience with some great poses and expressions throughout the book. Duarte’s pacing of the panels and pages leaves me chuckling at gags whilst in suspense for resolve. His style of line is phenomenal and his character silhouettes are of great design.

I recommend people pick up this book not only for a read but as a form of reference for all studying visual storytelling.

Gustavo Duarte’s blog –


The Charlatan

My submission for this week’s Irish Sketch Soc. The theme was ‘Movie Poster of My Life’. Great opportunity to try out something in the style of legendary ‘Saul Bass’. I’m  massive fan of his design work. It was also a fitting title seen as I’m selling off a cheap copy of his style. Quick and cheerful knocked it out in less than an hour.

I also think animation production directly relates to that ‘one last heist’ mentality that movie criminals just cant refuse.


WIP Painting

Gearing up for an iPad painting, so here is a quick sketch starting it off. This is a crop of a bigger canvas and composition that I’m currently working on. I think I might update the image as I go on the blog. Paddy Semple ( has been sending me a bunch of inspiration links to amazing illustrators and digital painters. So I look forward to chopping away at this and getting an end piece sometime in the not so far off future.

Keeping it all on Procreate at the moment and just sketching loose and fast. As usual, it feels good to be doodling regularly again.


Sunday Morning Adventures

After Glendalough was cancelled Sharon and I decided to trek up and around the Hill of Allen for a little adventure. Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna set up camp base there and trained in the surrounding land, so the hill is saturated with stories and legend. It also helps that I’m currently reading Lady Gregory’s ‘Gods and Fighting Men’, so was in a good mood to go exploring around the hill. Sadly the site is now owned by Roadstone and is heavily quarried leaving little of the hill standing. On top of that, the company has laced the inside of the forest with warning signs every 5 – 10 yards. Its was a hard to enjoy any scenery without fences or luminous signs blocking your view.

I managed to grab a few shots long the way.

01_forestA break in the forest

02_creaking_treesCreaking trees. Which ones? we don’t know…… 03_viewKildare’s flat lands. From here you are suppose to be able to the Hill of Tara, Howth and the Wicklow Mountains……. on a good day!! We got an overcast one this morning. 04_elmores_follyAlymer’s Folly – Apparently at one point Sir Gerard Alymer owned the land and in 1859 decided ‘hey! lets build a tower on it for no significant reason’. I’m paraphrasing a conversation I was never privy to, but there it stands.

05_scarf_catchingSharon losing her scarf to the winds.


The only view that doesnt include the quarries. 07_tea_timeTEA TIME!!