Things you miss about being in a band

Moments you miss playing music in a band……..summarised in one awesome segment of Spinal Tap:

Several weeks ago, Ash in work asked if I was still in a band and I didn’t know what to say, apart from an unsatisfied ‘No’, as being in a band was (a) some of the best days of my life and (b) equally some of the worst days of my life. Nonetheless I thought about it for quite some time afterwards. Obviously I don’t want to be in a band just right now, I’ve made my family in animation and am chuffed with the folk that surround me.

However, being in a crappy punk band with fuckloads of attitude and opinions really does put perspective on life as well as being surrounded by a scene of amazing people who just want to do it themselves. The vibe of a scene is pure enthusiasm to feed off of. It’s insane to think how much inspiration and motivation I pulled from that scene in order for it to drive Pegbar, Giant and every project I’ve attempted as an adult.

Hats off to the likes of Stanto, Kev, Gary, Shep, Ray, Chaz, Laura, Fiz & Al for having me in their lives.

Obviously not everything I did back then was positive, but the idealism I practised fast-tracked me to where I am now, and I am still learning as I go today.

I bring this up as I was asked for advice on getting into the ‘industry’ on Twitter today.

My response was to

“Take a deep breath, try everything you think you like, exhale, evaluate, repeat. Failure is to be embraced”

It’s tough to give life advice within 140 characters. Here is what I meant:

  • Take a deep breath – Be prepared for a challenge.
  • Try everything you think you like – People in the industry say specialise, but there is no point in sticking to the one speciality if you don’t like what you’re doing. There is no difference between working the wrong¬†job in an animation studio and working in a bank or washing dishes for a living. Look at what you want to do and think about the steps you have to take in order to achieve your goals.
  • Exhale – Step back and take time to yourself.
  • Evaluate – Constantly evaluate where you are in life, figure out the pro’s and con’s of what you’re doing, what makes you happy, what makes you sad and what gives you drive to carry on.
  • Repeat –¬† Nobody is ever complete, so keep evaluating and assessing life whilst cutting out negative obstacles to achieve your goals.
  • Failure is to be embraced – Failure can be the quickest way to learn, and not acknowledging when something’s gone wrong is the quickest route to your next failure. When I say embrace it I mean accept when you’ve failed, dust yourself off, gauge where you went wrong, adopt, adapt and try again.