Pegbar and Science Gallery crew up to have an awesome Friday

Pegbar is under some new awesome management … Maureen Walshe, Adam Kavanagh and Stefanie Reville.

They’re teaming up the Science Gallery to put on a fun filled Friday afternoon. Here is their blurb:


Pegbar are very excited to announce that we will be hosting an Arts and Crafts mixer at Science Gallery Dublin on Friday, February 20th.

Join us for an evening of crafty fun upstairs in the Deloitte Gallery!

Our main activity will be the Exquisite Corpse game where guests will collaborate by drawing a body part on a sheet of paper, folding the paper to conceal their contribution, and passing it on to someone else who will add to it. All of the wonderfully weird creations will be put on display at the end of the night! We will provide art materials but guests are welcome to bring along their own if they wish.

Professionals and students are welcome to participate.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends and make some new ones too!

We will provide complimentary drinks at the event and guests are welcome to join us for a chat at the Lombard pub afterwards.

Admission is free however spaces are limited so it is essential that you pre-book your ticket to avoid disappointment.

Hope to see you there!

Even if you haven’t booked your tickets pop over to the Lombard and catch up with animation heads and have some craic! See you crazy heads there!


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