In Summary:

I love animation, comics, games, outdoors, doodling and much much more. This blog is about my opinions and experiments. This blog does not represent the artwork or views of Giant Creative or Pegbar, it is just myself, online, blabbing the new.


I am a part of the award winning Giant Creative team. Our goals are to create some amazing stories, win some tasty animation awards and to push our talents as far as we can go.

I am co-founder & Director of Pegbar, the Irish Animation Networking Event and website http://pegbar.ie


I graduated in 2008 with a Honours Degree from Ballyfermot, the Irish School of Animation and have been working in various roles ever since. Shortly after leaving Ballyfermot. I co-founded and organised Pegbar.ie

Since 2008, I worked for multiple clients, gaining experience, making a difference within the Irish Animation Industry, & forming my own intricate ideas surrounding art, animation and new technologies.

Mid 2011, I was invited into the core team of Giant Creative, which was the talented team of Ben Harper, Sean Mullen & Alex Sherwood. I am Managing Director in the company.

June 2012, I received a Masters, studying Art in the Digital World playing around with interactive art.

Check out my linkedin for full credits of my work – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-spencer/15/334/679

In between all of that official stuff, I run a muck and have some good honest fun. Always have done, always will do.