Announcement – Exhibition April 2015

There’s no backing out now! The space is booked and the deposit is down for an exhibition at The MART from Mon 13th to Fri 19th of April 2015 ( Several animation and illustration artists will share the space, exhibiting their own work.

Aside from myself, the other artists signed up for the exhibition so far are:

Paddy Semple –

Gavin Fullerton –

Fiona Meade –


Now it’s time to start working, there’s a lot of blank canvas to fill!


Chairing a panel in the IFI this Saturday.

I will be chairing a panel for Animation Skillnet and the Irish Film Institute this Saturday. For the full blurb and booking details check out this link:

The theme given to the panel is “animation for adults vs animation for children”, so we’ll be discussing the different appreciations both young and grown up audiences have for animation and debating what an audience’s perception of value is when it comes to watching animation.

On the panel we have some great minds and I look forward to chatting to them all:

  • Jason Tammemagi – Jason is a children’s media professional specialising in enriching preschool content and creator of TV shows like Fluffy Gardens and Planet Cosmo.
  • Fred Burdy – Fred, originally from France, is a CG Artist, writer and director living in Ireland and working at Windmill Lane Studios. He wrote and directed the animated, IFB Frameworks funded, award-winning short film ‘Tríd An Stoirm’.
  • Leanne Preston – Leanne is the Company Director and Founder of Bright Box Creative. She has eight years’ experience in the Children’s Media markets, including working in development and production for six years at Nickelodeon in its international team.
  • Terry Kenny – Terry has worked as an animator in the videogame industry for over a decade on titles including Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.



Catch Boulder, Voodoo Dog and myself at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival on Wednesday the 20th at 12.30 in Filmbase.

‘Kick Starting your Career in Animation’


Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

Its hard to believe that Mam has been gone for over a month now. Pretty insane and surreal all round. She was an amazing woman who influenced so many people within her life time which I believe we are all standing side by side on her shoulders trying to develop from what she thought us. I certainly wouldn’t be doing what I do without all her support and encouragement in my life.

I say she’s gone, but she really isn’t. It’s a weird one to explain and I’m not even going to start ploughing into the depths of my mind to try and explain it.

It was also amazing to receive all the support and well wishes from practically everyone around. Life could’ve gotten so much harder without everyone.










In other news…..I graduated from my Masters… up and knocking on a 3 piece suit. This getting educated is disgraceful carry on, but also good to close another chapter of my life. It was quite the tough time studying, working Giant & Pegbar, on top of everything that was going on with Mam. I crashed several times and luckily from the support I previously talked about, I wouldn’t have got through it all.



I.F.I celebrates 20 years in Temple Bar

The I.F.I screened multiple films throughout the weekend with free admission as part of their 20 year celebration. I was asked to introduce the animation for the weekend ‘Fantastic Planet’, an award winning animated science fiction feature.



Pegbar are Running a ParaNorman Competition

Here is the blurb from

PARANORMAN, American stop-motion animation studio Laika’s latest animation
feature released by Universal Pictures, arrives in Irish cinemas on
September 14th.

To celebrate the release of the film, from tomorrow Pegbar and the Irish
School of Animation at Ballyfermot College (in association with Universal
Pictures Ireland) will tweet a new link every day to ‘exclusive’
Paranorman ‘making of’ videos.

Retweeters of the links will be entered into a draw each day for free
tickets to a special preview screening of Paranorman on Saturday
September 8th at 10.30am in Cineworld Parnell Street, which will be
followed by a Q&A with one of the directors of the film – Chris Butler
(who also worked as a Storyboard Supervisor on Coraline and The Corpse
Bride). Pegbar and ISA will tweet the list of winners on September 6th.

For more information and special features check out Universal Pictures
Ireland on twitter @universal_irl and on Facebook:!/UniversalPicturesIreland

A triumphant return to football

So after many years of sex, drugs, rock n’roll, college, flip n’roll, and crafting my life in the Irish animation industry, I feel I’ve absolutely wrecked my body with toxins, fatty foods and no self respect.

I’ve tried a number of ways to keep my fitness up to a certain level but to no avail. Mainly because most exercise isn’t fun nor challenging and to be frank (who ever frank is), quite boring.

So after 13 years of football retirement, I’ve returned! With a bang! So much of a bang, I destroyed my left knee and am on a crutch/cane. Luckily enough the swelling has gone down immensely and I can nearly walk properly again after 2 days. I should be recovered by the weekend and up for more footie next Wednesday.

Although, here is the issue…..

Most of my mates, instead of giving me sympathy, just commented:

‘Ah Dan, you’re cool, but you’re not that cool’

Like I was wearing the cane as a day to day accessory……..why would anyone be sporting a cane in this day and age if they weren’t injured nor a pimp????!!!!

Which begs the question, what type of impression do I leave on people???