New Adventures in Arduino-fi

Here are two Arduino exercises I have done for ADW.


A memory light game, thanks to Tuxradar turorials

Its the basics behind the 80s game ‘Simon’, the lights hit off a pattern and the player mimics with the buttons.

And secondly

This project is demonstrting that I have programming control over the sequencing lights…..

On small scale, it doesn’t look like much but it  is the core principles behind such pieces of art work as…..


For those who want to know more about Arduino and Micro-controllers – check out


I set myself out the challenge of designing, developing and publishing a game within 24hrs. (somewhat mimicking challenges set out by at their summer games jam) ‘Dumped’ is a game I created for ADW.

Also when I say ‘developed’ I mean its very limited to my flash action script knowledge

The point of the game is to find the best possible outcome within the situation.

Right answers progress you further within the game, wrong answers will send you back to starting points, to dead ends or ultimately to getting you dumped.

Have fun playing! @

hint no1 – Get a note book to figure out the good answers from the bad ones to the according questions. If you dont have it in 4 or 5 moves……start again.
hint no2 – ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’ is the starting page so if you get sent back there you know you’ve done something wrong
hint no3 – think rational yet slightly illogical for the answer
and finally
hint no4 – research! find the websites where I got the break up lines and figure out the appropriate answers

Here as some illustrations from the game

the night a video nearly killed me

Here is a video that destroyed me on Monday night, and Tuesday morning………

I was exploring psychogeography stuffs again, and wanted to throw this into a progress presentation I was doing for the MA, but sadly the video footage I shot got digitally corrupted and messed up everything it touched…….so there I was rendering and fixing things from late Monday night all the way through the presentation on Tuesday morning.

It didn’t disrupt the presentation much as I had an abundance of work to show, but would’ve been nice if the video didn’t have me fixing everything last minute and on the go.

For anyone wondering, here is a wiki of psychogeography-

In the end I had a magnificent sleep last night

Life Drawing Escapades

Back in Life Drawing classes…….and yes, yet again, its a kick in the nuts realising what happens when you stop doing life drawing for a long period of time. I’m well out of practice but here are the better of them. Going to pull out the Michael D Mattesi book for night time reading

They’re all pencil and marker on a3 newsprint.

an art, mapping, psychogeography workshop

So I did this workshop with ADW yesterday.

The exercise was to map out Dublin and significant places to ones self experiences/likes around the city, followed by 3 lines of text to describe it:

Here is my contribution:

Location: Stevens Lane, where I sat down the previous week after dealing with a lady overdosing on Luas.

Dear Siobhan,

For all the abuse you have put me through, this is it, for strength or weakness, I have to leave you now. There is no remorse for your lies of recovery; they will fool me no longer. I can not sustain this lifestyle and have to go. If anyone asks, at least you have the grace of saying that I caused this tragedy upon you.

Yours Sincerely

Your Dead Body.

Location: Band Stand in Pheonix Park, where I use to run around as a child.

Reminiscing of past times, past glories, breathlessness, fatigue, excitement, screaming, shouting, joy, chasing, acceleration, exhilaration, animation, happiness, delight, rushes, cheer, glee, ecstasy, vibrations, haziness, hop, skip and dance…………. all senses disorientated……..all is love.

Location: Bridgefoot St. by the Bridgefoot Rejuvination Project

Robert’s hands are dirty, damaged and weathered. He has been hard at work. Rejuvenation is no easy task, but that is the least of his worries. He has to make sure his lessons are absorbed by the community, he has his work cut out for him, especially when his rival stands beside his project selling junk to the general public

More info on ADW –

lots of squares

So I’ve been attending Declan Long’s lectures on monday mornings. We’ve been discussing exhibition space, content and modes of gallery display.  So I was thinking on monday about digital extremes of delivering art. On the way home I saw that advertising companies are taking advantage of the QRreader system……and I asked myself why not a digital artist?

So I created some images as a test and printed corresponding QR codes that link QR readers to the image. I mounted these QR codes and then began to place them in different public spaces and potential modes of galleries.

Firstly, in public domain, in more of a street art context…….

and then I was thinking more white wall gallery spaces…….

…..but sadly none were open when I was walking through the city

so I put myself up beside paintings on sale in a Cafe…..

so next steps………….to convince someone to give me white wall gallery space to exhibit 6 – 8 QR codes……making sure there is WiFi in the room. It interests me as it transfers the QR code as part of the delivery system to the art itself.