the count

nope not this guy…..

but Toon Bros I.P. Limited’s Count Pollen:

Created asap for consideration. It was a fun project but I didn’t get much sleep over the past two weeks. So the history behind Count Pollen and myself is as follows, 2 years ago, myself and @Bennessy drew up character designs for Toon Bros story ‘Count Pollen’. A few weeks ago, Toon Bros approached us, deciding it was time to get Count Pollen out to the masses. I reedited the character designs a little bit from the original character designs and put together a team to create a 90sec trailer for Toon Bros. So a big thanks to the team Alan, Anna, Leo & Nichola for helping out with the enormous work load.

Credits as Follows:

Production Manager

Daniel Spencer


Daniel Spencer


Alan Carruthers

Leo Crowley

Nichola Hyland


Anna O’Sullivan

Graphic Design

Paul Woods

Audio Production

Tryout Audio

All busy on the western front

Two quickies

The monthly post, the theme given was ‘Incompetent Assassin’……

And the proposal that Ben, Niki, Niall, Anna and myself worked on

Ben – Designs and story boards

Niki- Modeling and Animation

Niall – Modelling and Animation

Anna – Background Colours and Textures

Myself – Modeling and Animation

Brian Boylan and Rob Spencer (selfless good deeds) – Music

Promo for Brent Pope

So I’ve been working on a Promo for Brent Pope with Ben, Niki and Anna. We’ve been doing it on top of all our ordinary work and its been a very exhausting 2 weeks.

Here is the work so far

Promo for Brent Pope

A few tweeks this week and it’ll be sorted.

Credit goes to

Ben Hennessy – Designer & Director

Anna O’Sullivan – Colour & Backgrounds

Niki Kehoe – Animator and Modelor

Brian Boylan & Rob Spencer (selfless good deeds) - Music

and myself – Animator, Modeler and Compositor

And here are the scenes I modeled and animated…