Pegbar and Science Gallery crew up to have an awesome Friday

Pegbar is under some new awesome management … Maureen Walshe, Adam Kavanagh and Stefanie Reville.

They’re teaming up the Science Gallery to put on a fun filled Friday afternoon. Here is their blurb:


Pegbar are very excited to announce that we will be hosting an Arts and Crafts mixer at Science Gallery Dublin on Friday, February 20th.

Join us for an evening of crafty fun upstairs in the Deloitte Gallery!

Our main activity will be the Exquisite Corpse game where guests will collaborate by drawing a body part on a sheet of paper, folding the paper to conceal their contribution, and passing it on to someone else who will add to it. All of the wonderfully weird creations will be put on display at the end of the night! We will provide art materials but guests are welcome to bring along their own if they wish.

Professionals and students are welcome to participate.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends and make some new ones too!

We will provide complimentary drinks at the event and guests are welcome to join us for a chat at the Lombard pub afterwards.

Admission is free however spaces are limited so it is essential that you pre-book your ticket to avoid disappointment.

Hope to see you there!

Even if you haven’t booked your tickets pop over to the Lombard and catch up with animation heads and have some craic! See you crazy heads there!


Crafty Christmas

Apart from Giant I’ve been on a creative festive craft spree. Its been awesome having some time in the evenings to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas has been tough since Mam has passed away but this year I wanted to make a real effort for her. So here are some of the early spoils of the season, a season that involves a lot of snowflakes apparently.

Paper snowflake decorations for the house.


Hand painted Christmas cards for Mam’s brothers & sisters. Mam had a massive range of Doc Martens and was widely known for wearing them regularly so I painted one set of her Docs and added a quote from a recording I took of her when she was going through treatment. The cards are a little more festive on the inside with a personal message to each family.


Woodburned coasters of the geometry animals I’ve been drawing recently. A work in progress but hopefully a presentable gift before Christmas arrives.


A Christmas Day of the Dead skull mug for a gift. Mug bought in TK Maxx, then coloured with sharpies and oven baked. ( The Christmas hat was stolen from elsewhere.


Christmas Mead – Compliments of Ray and Annette Sweeney, which Sharon and myself will be bottling and handing out over the period. Thank you Ray and Annette!!


Digital painting with a classical frame. By classical, I mean Dealz fancy mouldings for €1.49.


Lastly for today, more snowflakes! This time giant lollipop stick snowflakes. Working beside a Mr. Price store definitely has its benefits like cheap decent acrylic paint and bags of lollipop sticks.


Plants Taking Over







So I’ve been messing around with creating flash games this month so I hooked the research and monthly post up together. Its limited and from tutorials by It was a fun learning curve.

Exploding Graphics and UI are from Kongregate as well, I was just running out of editing time for the month’s post. I hope to continue to edit and make new small flash games out of kongregate’s awesome tutorials and forums.

lots of squares

So I’ve been attending Declan Long’s lectures on monday mornings. We’ve been discussing exhibition space, content and modes of gallery display.  So I was thinking on monday about digital extremes of delivering art. On the way home I saw that advertising companies are taking advantage of the QRreader system……and I asked myself why not a digital artist?

So I created some images as a test and printed corresponding QR codes that link QR readers to the image. I mounted these QR codes and then began to place them in different public spaces and potential modes of galleries.

Firstly, in public domain, in more of a street art context…….

and then I was thinking more white wall gallery spaces…….

…..but sadly none were open when I was walking through the city

so I put myself up beside paintings on sale in a Cafe…..

so next steps………….to convince someone to give me white wall gallery space to exhibit 6 – 8 QR codes……making sure there is WiFi in the room. It interests me as it transfers the QR code as part of the delivery system to the art itself.

Star Trek III – The Search for Spock

Busy busy on the fore front of yadda yadda yadda…..

So this month has been mad busy……

Still doing bits and pieces for Brent Pope….Ben and myself came up with a promo for his project, so its Niki and myself on Animation, Ben on character design & backgrounds and Anna on backgrounds & colour. The deadline is next Friday so I hope to show it off then. The promo is around a minute long so the project has been tough enough, especially with other professional aspects butting their head in the way. Nonetheless it’ll get done.

Pegbar has loads of exciting news posted up……check out or

I’ve been invited to be on the moderator board of ‘Pivot Dublin’ a bid to make Dublin a Design Capital of the World by 2014. The press launch is on Tuesday the 28h so I’ll keep everyone informed. It looks ambitious and exciting so….thumbs up!

I’ve been Part Time Job hunting to suit my current situation with hours. Found a couple of awesome jobs, started work on one too! Well two, but had to give one up. I got a job in Ballyfermot College but could not commit to one of the days that they said was mandatory, so as quick as I was in front of a class, I was back on the hunt.

Another deadline on Friday is this month’s image for the blogging group I’ve joined. This month is my theme as well! so cant not do it! The theme I picked was ‘Lost in Space’

Here’s a quick ideas gen I did in flash today……..

I dont think I’m gonna settle on it, but I did find it funny :P

wanna dance?

Was outputting a few 3d ideas gen over the weekend.

…..missing the days of pantless parties…….its been at least a week

for Ben’s obsession with Foxes…….(which is 3d, I just wanted to experiment with a 2d cut out style)

I assumed media players were harder to model…..I was wrong

……..and iPod is totally out of date but I had the liberty hall idea and routed out an old model

an old home and lost pets

So this week, I’m back at Magner’s Photolab in Killester, for a half a week to do their design bits and bobs. Killester is a an odd village to say the least and we have quite a history going back.  I did an Art and Drama Course in Killester College, Magner’s Photolab was my Part Time job throughout college, and I rented for a bit in Donnycarney…….and now I am back for half a week. So I decided to have some fun with the locals……