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Happy Poetry Day

By April 28, 2016 Blogging, Milk Musings

Today is Poetry Day in Ireland, where we celebrate poetry, lyrical creativity and vocal expression. On the radio, presenters and guests were listing off their favourite poets and poems. It was great to hear a variety of different experiences and influences from everyone, including the listeners, who contributed.

It got me thinking about what poetry has really effected or influenced me. I listed off a bunch of poems I learnt in school by Heaney, Dickinson and Kavanagh, which were all great. But I dont think any of these or poetry that I have read since I left school had sparked a revolution in my brain as much as Patti Smith, and her album ‘Horses’. I was given the album when I was 15 (circa 1998) and to me it was a piece of work that just blew my mind as it was a hybrid of signing and reading beat poetry whilst being laced with symbolism, storytelling and emotion. I had heard nothing like it before and it just opened up a wealth of ideas to me to learn from and explore.


Click to find out more about Poetry day here.

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